Der Bruder

2022 | 22min | shortfilm | drama | colour | 1:1,85

Director: Jeremias Zeh
Producer: Michael Schäffer
Editor: Christian Stanchev

Ignite Filmfestival Review:

„From the very first shots in this short film it is clear that the DOP and Director were a perfect match! The director took a brave decision to open up this film with a sequence of only a letter being written – accompanied by nothing but the sound of the pen on the paper. This works beautifully with the incredible shot choices of the DOP. This slow but gripping sequence draws you in so well, yet as a concept many filmmakers, even established ones, may not have attempted this – it shouldn’t work, but it absolutely does. This opening sequence is then followed by the most beautifully shot film – every frame is stunning, with incredible lighting and composition! 
For this to be a first film for the director is truly dumbfounded, and a testament to the talent of the director and everyone else involved in this film. Congrats! „


  • 31th International Film Festival Camerimage Students Panorama
  • L’Europe autour de l’Europe – European Film Festival Paris, März 2023 (Frankreich)
    nominated for best shortfilm
  • Ignite Film Festival, Juni 2023 (UK)
    Won best cinematography award & first time filmmaker award
  • Nordic Star Festival 2023 (SE)
    nominated for best cinematography, best director, best shortfilm, best screenplay, best actress.
    Won best international actor award
  • Belief Filmfestival 2023 (UK)
    nominated for best cinematography
    Won best featurette