Algorithm (in postproduction)

© Ewald Grabenbauer

10 min. | fiction short | queer sci-fi relationshipdrama | colour | 1:2,39

In the near future, the social media app algorithm will even dominate our financial lives. The more active and popular the digital presence, the faster the loans issued by Algorithm INC. can be paid off. As a couple, the doubled reach opens up many opportunities. Evie and Cora invested in a modern loft, where Evie now lives with heartbreak. When suddenly her ex-girlfriend shows up at the door, she’s caught completely off guard. Cora wants to get back together with her. How can Evie be sure whether Cora misses her as a partner or misses their shared online presence?

written by Emily Charlotte Poulter
directed by Lena Deisenberger
produced by Clara Maria Bacher
VFX Supervisor Valerie Wöllner | Mariana Fabre
director of photography and edited by Felix Pochlatko
production design by Barbara Bacher-Newole
sound mixer Vinzenz Landl | Lisa Hollaus
Make-Up by Jenny Bladek
costume design by Monika Buttinger
Cast Leonie Federle | Virginia V. Hartmann | Raphael Nicholas | Emmanuel Ajayi | Nina Fog